Transitioning Out of My First Developer Job

Leaving my first developer role on good terms.

August Book Review

Development books I've been reading in the month of August.

Landing an Interview as a Junior Developer

Securing and succeeding in your first interview after bootcamp.

Writing a Gameboy Game in 2021: Part 6 -- Postmortem

She's dead, Jim. Wrapping up development on Pocket League.

Python Decorators Make Callbacks Simple

The power of using Python decorators and a comparable implementation in Ruby.

Metaprogramming Smarter Hashes in Ruby

Using Ruby's fantastic metaprogramming feature set to enhance the functionality of the Hash class.

Validating Error-Prone Data

Ensuring data validations in systems that depend on human input don't interfere with important workflows.

Job Searching Without Leetcode

Landing a high-paying developer career without algorithms.

Fixture Factories in RSpec and FactoryBot

Applying a factory pattern to a file fixture using FactoryBot.

On Blogging

The how -- and why -- of this blog.