Building Raspberry Pi-Powered LED Sports Scoreboards (and Other Displays)

A general guide to installing, developing, and emulating scoreboard LED matrix software for Raspberry Pis.

Making Molehills of Mountains

Accepting that failure is sometimes inevitable in the face of difficult challenges

I Now Hate Liquid

How developing a simple feature for this blog turned into a nightmare.

DNA Isn't Code

Why thinking about DNA as the "code" of our bodies can lead to some surprising misconceptions.

Staff Engineer

Thoughts on reading Will Larson's new book and how I'm using it for a 5 year plan.

A Weird Way to Find Work

Using niche Reddit communities to drum up side gigs.

Celebrating Hacktoberfest

Contributing to open source software and earning some swag in the process.

All About Hyde -- Writing My Own Programming Language

Customizing a Python implementation of Lox by Robert Nystrom.

Transitioning Out of My First Developer Job

Leaving my first developer role on good terms.

August Book Review

Development books I've been reading in the month of August.