A Surprising Catch

An unorthodox monitoring strategy uncovers an unexpected security hole.

Don't Let Your Systems Fail Deadly

A case study of forgetting to authorize in two separate libraries.

Security and Swiss Cheese

How small issues add up to potentially severe security exploits.

Working on Projects That "Matter"

A short guide on selecting meaningful work for an individual contributor.

Building a Microblog in Jekyll

How I built a database-backed microblog API into this blog for free.

Emulating Raspberry Pi LED Matrices in Your Browser

Using RGBME 0.7.0 to make RPI matrix scripts displayable via a browser.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Build vs. buy (or download) for a template engine in MatrixML.

Programmatically Modifying Ancient Fonts

Patching old BDF fonts to render characters they were never meant to.

MLB Finally Deprecated Its XML API

Responding to sudden deprecation in the MLB LED scoreboard.

Building a Custom Markup Language for Raspberry Pi LED Matrices

Applying lessons from my toy language to simplify building custom LED templates.