Is WGU the New Bootcamp?

Acceleration is good, but you can go too fast.

Thoughts on "Developers Should Deploy Their Own Code"

My experience being responsible for provisioning infrastructure for new applications.

Ruby Off Rails

Ripping out Rails in favor of a minimalist pure Ruby application.

Launching Dark (Postmortem)

Revisiting our dark launch pattern with lessons learned.

Piloting No Manual QA

Starting steps to make the most of your codebase without manual tests.

Building a 3D Printed ABENICS Mechanism

Designing my own version of a 3-DoF ball joint mechanism.

I'm Too Clever

Musings on some (correct) PR feedback I received.

Custom RSpec Matchers Give Tests Superpowers

Writing a custom matcher can save a lot of heartache testing complex data structures.

Rails, Cron, and a Thundering Herd

Periodic tasks usually make sense to schedule with cron, but beware.

Failures of Common Sense

What to do when the obvious solution is wrong.