I'm Too Clever

Musings on some (correct) PR feedback I received.

Custom RSpec Matchers Give Tests Superpowers

Writing a custom matcher can save a lot of heartache testing complex data structures.

Rails, Cron, and a Thundering Herd

Periodic tasks usually make sense to schedule with cron, but beware.

Failures of Common Sense

What to do when the obvious solution is wrong.

Designing 3D Printable Fabric

Working around the limitations of additive manufacturing to create flexible prints.

Launching Dark

A successful deploy of code in a dark launch pattern.

Patching Non-Adhesion in 3D Prints

Failed bed adhesion rescued by applying a scrap patch with a glue stick and lighter.

Heroku Is Deprecating Its Free Tier

How the proposed pricing change claims a feature of this site.

A Surprising Catch

An unorthodox monitoring strategy uncovers an unexpected security hole.

Don't Let Your Systems Fail Deadly

A case study of forgetting to authorize in two separate libraries.