MLB Finally Deprecated Its XML API

Responding to sudden deprecation in the MLB LED scoreboard.

Building a Custom Markup Language for Raspberry Pi LED Matrices

Applying lessons from my toy language to simplify building custom LED templates.

Into the Rabbit Hole of Slow Test Suites

How an unexpected bug caused slow RSpec loads and hindered TDD adoption.

Implementing Session Expiration in Rails

Extending Devise's session expiration functions with automatic logout features.

Do Bootcamps Still Make Sense in 2022?

Considerations you should make before enrolling in a coding bootcamp.

Turtle Graphics

A brief history of turtle graphics and how they're used in RGBMatrixEmulator.

Consuming Content Sans Google

What happens when searching for quality content fails.

Advent of Code 2021

My experiences completing this year's challenges.

2021 in Review

Highlights from a year's worth of projects.

Custom Printing Obscure Technical Manuals

Utilizing a custom printing company to bind PDF technical manuals into useful books (and great shelf decoration).