Designing 3D Printable Fabric

Working around the limitations of additive manufacturing to create flexible prints.

Launching Dark

A successful deploy of code in a dark launch pattern.

Patching Non-Adhesion in 3D Prints

Failed bed adhesion rescued by applying a scrap patch with a glue stick and lighter.

Heroku Is Deprecating Its Free Tier

How the proposed pricing change claims a feature of this site.

A Surprising Catch

An unorthodox monitoring strategy uncovers an unexpected security hole.

Don't Let Your Systems Fail Deadly

A case study of forgetting to authorize in two separate libraries.

Security and Swiss Cheese

How small issues add up to potentially severe security exploits.

Working on Projects That "Matter"

A short guide on selecting meaningful work for an individual contributor.

Building a Microblog in Jekyll

How I built a database-backed microblog API into this blog for free.

Emulating Raspberry Pi LED Matrices in Your Browser

Using RGBME 0.7.0 to make RPI matrix scripts displayable via a browser.