On Blogging

The how -- and why -- of this blog.

Kata, Kumite, and Code Golf for Algorithm Practice

How optimizing for the smallest and cleverest solutions makes you a better programmer.

Combating Memory Bloat in Heroku and Sidekiq

Managing memory in large background processes on Heroku.

On Keeping a Physical Engineering Notebook

Why I keep a notebook and pencil around while coding -- and you should, too.

How to Deploy a Python Reddit Bot (and Other Scripts) to Heroku

Configuring a bot to run within the constraints of Heroku's free tier.

Writing a Gameboy Game in 2021: Part 5 -- Screen Transitions

Managing menus, gameplay, and transitions with one (big) function.

Emulating Raspberry Pi LED Panels

All the fun of a Raspberry Pi LED panel with none of the cost.

Devise Flash Messages in JSON Responses

Configuring Devise to return flash messages in API only Rails apps.

I Want to Build the Boat

My first article written as a budding software engineer about what spurred me to become one.

Working Around Deprecated MLB APIs

How to minimize impact of building software on top of a shaky foundation.